Maui Relief Efforts

With the devastation in Maui, here are a few trusted places to donate: 

Hawaii Community Foundation

 Maui Food Bank


Friend of the brand, Dave Mason has released a song, "Mangos" with 100% of proceeds going Maui Food Bank. 

In his words, "The rebuilding of Lahaina after the catastrophic fires, and the rebuilding of lives in Maui will take a long time. Music is enduring, and as a singer-songwriter, music is one way I can make manifest my love and respect for the island and all its people.

I’ve been lucky to have visited the Hawaiian islands several times over the years, and my wife and I got to spend most of the pandemic there, which was truly restorative to man who has spent more than six decades touring. I made a little makeshift studio and wrote some songs; Maui is the kind of place that was easy to find inspiration. Outside my studio is a huge mango tree. The tree is well known, in our neighborhood and beyond, as having some of the best mangos on Maui.

Mick Fleetwood added drums to this song and we had some fun creating music together. Who knew this song would now become something to give back to the island we, and so many, love very much. My wish is that the spirit of song meets your generosity to help the people of Maui recover from this tragic loss."

With love and aloha we donate 100% of the writer’s share of the proceeds from my song Mangos to the Maui Food Bank for disaster relief efforts.

Thank you kindly for your generosity. Love and aloha, Dave