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Based in San Diego, California, Patara designs lightweight and versatile shoes inspired by tropical tendencies and sustainable practices.

Our mission is to create timeless products using premium materials – anchored in sustainability, innovation, and quality. Our commitment to producing functional footwear that can support your active lifestyle, while positively impacting the environment keeps us evolving and inventive. 



Patara strongly believes in supporting communities by promoting their local skills and traditions. Over half the fabrics used in our collections are hand woven and sourced from weaving collectives in Asia, India, and South America. We sell our shoes in limited runs and carefully select each textile we use to ensure a truly unique footwear experience. By engaging in long-term relationships that support and employ indigenous workers, each pattern is designed to celebrate the culture and craftsmanship of the creative community.


While exploring the globe, we have discovered surreal landscapes and most importantly met some amazing people. Often our most memorable and unexpected moments would happen while in the pursuit of another destination.

Patara doesn't directly translate into English, but roughly means auspicious or good fortune in Thai. Something we at Patara wish for everyone through all of life's journeys.


Introducing PATARA