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Our Story

Our Story

Inspired by the Destination, Built for the Journey.

Patara began with us, Christian and Kilian, two brothers searching for a better way to travel, explore, and interact with the diverse landscapes and unique cultures all around us. On our journeys we found that, from city to sea, our most unforgettable experiences and lessons came from moments of both movement and leisure. At the intersection of these two states we find that we are more present, curious, and inspired. With that in mind, we launched Patara: simply and sustainably designed shoes crafted for life's leisurely pursuits.

At Patara, we’re not about having more, we’re about living more. Hitting “one more” mulligan on that scenic Par 3, golden hour party waves, waking up in a new city, camping in your car, or cracking open a chilled cerveza with your new neighbor.  We don’t have to choose between near and far, we’re both astronauts and anthill explorers, interested in what we can discover in the experience. We believe simpler is better, that living light means leaving more room for experiences and less room for the extraneous.


Christian and Kilian