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Our Story

Our Story

Modern Footwear, Simplified Naturally

With older brother Christian having just graduated and Kilian still in school, we took off on a summer tour in search of new places and new adventures.

On the road for three weeks, living out of one suitcase, and collecting souvenirs along the way, we found it more and more difficult to zip our luggage when a new destination called. We got talking about how we can travel lighter. With one quick look at our open suitcase, our fate was determined. Our shoes were taking up half the space in our bags.

We were living in flip flops, which were ideal for the beach days and casual beers, but they did not offer the support for all-day wear. Our runners served for performance, but were painted with logos and did not dress to impress.
Inspired by the textiles and colors we found on our trip to Southeast Asia and with absolutely zero shoe-making experience, we set out to make a change.
The end result: footwear that balances form with function and personality with performance. Versatile wear that fits everywhere. With an emphasis on sustainability, style, and quality, PATARA crafts shoes that you can rely on for all occasions.
A message from the founders:

Since our inception, we have crafted our shoes in limited runs and carefully selected the materials and textiles we use, drawing inspiration from our travels. Partnering with highly-skilled artisans, designers, and manufacturers around the world has allowed us to create a truly unique and authentic collection each year.

As we progress through this journey, we are perpetually inspired to find a balance between traditional craftsmanship, performance innovation, and timeless styling. Whether it’s a hike down to Blacks Beach or a train ride into Grand Central, we are committed to crafting sustainable products that transition through your entire day, everyday.


Christian and Kilian