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Current Nomad
André Anglès
Dressy Espadrilles

Nice looking pair of shoes, relaxed, beachy, organic and dressy at the same time.

Current Nomad
Mario Herrera

Stylish, high quality and one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn. I definitely will order more shoes in the future!

Olive Smoking Slipper
Bill Williams
Love living in these daily

Love these shoes, felt rite from day one , went one size down from bra-nick. I feel like I am having cocktails in Italy when I wear them at home. Well made. A fun way to have that just perfect casual but dressy look. Of course you will need several colors.

Eco Brown Nomad
Erich Lange
Great shoe

Ordered these on a whim and love them. Great fit and construction and look. Company was great also. Helped sort out a shipping issue quickly.

Comfortable Shoes

Patara Nomads are very comfortable and casual. Great shoes!

Olive Smoking Slipper
Jefferson West
Very comfortable!

Extremely comfortable, especially while dancing. Survived beautifully dancing in bars, looking forward to a long life with these bad boys. :)

Ziggy Tan Nomad
Alex Ellington
Great Casual Shoe

Second time purchasing some Patara Nomad shoes. These shoes are a perfect fit with any outfit and can be dressed up or down. Very comfortable and stylish.

Santa Fe Nomad
Dick Sadler
Comfortable and stylish

I love Pataras. They fit my feet well (I have somewhat wider, size 12 feet), and are comfortable for extensive city walks (much more so than other dressy shoes I've owned)

Santa Fe Nomad
Eric Swartz
My new favorite design!

I have been waiting for a design that fits my style and this is it. I own two other pair of the solid lace ups and slip on espadrilles. Wore the Santa Fe Nomad to a family birthday dinner and they were a huge hit. Looking forward to ordering more styles and colors in the future.

Chiang Mai Seeker
Kenneth b Elias
Realy perfect

I was extremely happy with the product.

Hazel Seeker
William Bengochea
Great shoe!!

Fits perfectly and i don’t sweat anywhere near as much with these shoes when i don’t wear socks. Will buy again!

Eco Brown Nomad
Morty Ortega
Well-constructed, quality, comfy shoes

I've been looking at getting some Patara shoes for a while and finally ordered a pair. Externally, the build quality is great. I can see them lasting a good amount of time, and longer if well-maintained. They look comfy and they ARE comfy! Also, for some reason, the soles are SILENT. I feel like a ninja walking around with these! I don't know if it's the quality of the sole or that they absorb a lot of the impact of footsteps, but I love it. I also quite like how versatile they are for a wardrobe: as casual as everyday use or coupled with khaki pants and a dressy shirt or polo and you can go to a less formal job interview, as I did!

Chiang Mai Nomad
Tim Tubbs

Love the shoes!

Eco Brown Nomad
kaleb brown
excellent shoes!

Super comfortable right out of the box. If you are a half size, I would order 2 sizes and pick between them.

Phuket Seeker
Aaron King
Great Fit and Super Comfortable

First, it can't be overstated how beautiful these shoes are. I get a ton of compliments on them. I have been wearing them with pretty good frequency, and they are maintaining a nice snug fit. I didn't expect these shoes to be so comfortable. They are absolutely suitable for all-day wear. Fully worth the price!

Love these shoes!

These are such a comfortable shoe, with no blisters from the first wear. I love the color and they add a lot to my looks. I wear them with thin no show socks and they still fit great! I love the cork sole and the minimalist design.

Comfy, Lightweight, Look Great

See title

Eco Brown Nomad
Happy Buyer
Superb quality

Dress up or down the shoes are amazing!

Hazel Seeker
Russell Evansen
Can style and comfort co-exist? Actually, yes.

I ordered these shoes before heading out for two weeks in Portugal, and the second I slipped them on I knew it was a smart decision. The undeniable cool factor of the design and materials was easily matched by the comfort factor of the cork insole (and let’s face it, if you’re heading for the country that supplies most of the world’s cork these are the shoes you want to be wearing). Stylish, sustainable and soooo comfy - what more do you want? Get a pair today.

Eco Brown Nomad
Christopher Derrick
Extremely Comfortable

Low profile, flexible sole but still with some cushion. Perfect for everything from a casual day out to a semi-formal work environment.

Patara Nomad

Very comfortable. Great fit. Flexible style.

Chiang Mai Nomad
Mark Phillips
Awesome kicks

Best shoes, true fit. I get compliments every time I wear them!


These shoes look just as good online as on my feet. The construction is excellent, colors vibrant, and fits well/comfortably. Got lots of compliments when I wore them out.

Ivory Nomad
vanessa nava

I got these for my boyfriends bday and he absolutely loves these and the color!! This is his second pair and he loves them!

Solid & Stylish

This was my first pair of Patara shoes, but certainly not my last! I've been wearing them around town and getting a ton of complements / questions of "those look great! where did you get those", which is always appreciated especially for someone like me who prioritizes comfort over style (Patara provides both). The only downside was trying to get the right sizing. I wear a 9.5, and originally upsized to a 10, however my heel kept slipping when wearing them without socks. I downsized to a 9, and while they are a little snug, I can already feel them breaking in.